What are our Options?

So you are a few sessions away from rank 2 by my estimation. You can simply stick to the progression of your basic school or you can look at optional paths that are available to your school at rank 2.

Lets begin with the Daidoji Iron Warrior
Standard Rank 2: Gives you a bonus to the Armour TN when you perform the guard manoeuvre and makes the Guard Manoeuvre last 2 rounds, meaning you can Guard on turn one and attack on turn two without losing the benefit of guard.

Crane Elite Spearmen: Requires Spears 3. If you hit someone with a spear and they have not acted this round they must Raise Twice or else they cannot attack you.

So only two options for our Crane. The Basic school emphasises the Yojimbo (Bodyguard) status that the Daidoji revere so much. The Spearmen route plays into the Crane’s love of a swift decisive strike that cripples their opponent. Both have merit.

The Honourable Akodo
Standard Rank 2: During a Skirmish add your Honour Rank to one non Damage roll per turn as long as you are not in the Centre Stance.

Ikoma Warden: Requires Horsemanship 3. When Mounted you gain +1k0 to all Bugei Skills. When Spending Void to Augment a Horsemanship or investigation roll you get +2k2 instead of +1k1

Lioness Legion: Requires Athletics 3. You may move an Additional 5 feet per round. You may make a Complex Move action to Move Water x 25 feet.

Lion Scout: Requires Battle 2, Hunting 3. You may move normally in Stealth. You gain +1k0 to Stealth and to All Agility Based Bugei Skills.

I cannot personally see Camilla Wishing to take any of these but the options are there.

The Battle Maidens Choice
Standard Rank 2: At the beginning of each combat round you may add 5 to either your Armour TN or your Initiative. This resets at the end of the round.

The Shinjo Magistrates: Requires Investigation 3, Lore: Law 3. When using Investigation to find clues or to tell if someone is telling the truth you may add +1k0 to the roll. When Tracking Known Criminals or Traitors you gain +1k0 to your Hunting skill, and when in combat against such persons you get +1k0 to all Weapon Skills.

Interesting choice there not sure what Suzi will do.

Other Options
So those are the clan specific options available to you. There are some generic options that you could take if the Circumstances arise in game:

Imperial Legionnaire: Requires Glory 2+, Must receive an invitation to join one of the Imperial Legions. Whenever you spend a void point in combat, to enhance a roll, you gain an additional bonus to the roll equal to the total number of friendly Imperial Legionnaire’s, Emerald Magistrate or Jade Magistrates within 25 feet of you.

Jade Legionnaire: Requires Glory 2+, Must receive an invitation to join the Jade Legion. When fighting an opponent with a lower Honour Rank you may add the difference between your honour ranks to all attack and Damage Rolls.

What are our Options?

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