Unicorn Clan History

1122 – Bayushi Menonai and Moto Dekinai meet to formalise an alliance. The Unicorn are very keen to make this happen. At the crucial moment Menonai calls off the deal and returns to scorpion territory.

1128 – Unicorn Territory is invaded by the Yobanjin. Dekinai pleads with the Emperor to make him Shogun but he is blocked by the Lion.

1129 – Once again Yobanjin activity forces Dekinai to ask to be named Shogun, once again he is blocked by the Lion.

1130 – The Emperor finally names Dekinai as Shogun to the surprise of everyone in the Imperial Court.

Ide Batarr and Doji mifune finalise an alliance between the Crane and the Unicorn. The two clans make advances into Lion territory with the Unicorn taking several key Copper Mines and the Crane retake their ancient city Toshi Ranbo.

In protest to the alliance and the appointment of Moto Dekinai as Shogun, the Battle Maidens cut ties to the Unicorn and retreat to their lands.

1131 – The Scorpion slaughter the garrison at Shinomen Tower in a dishonourable sneak attack. They Declare war on the Unicorn and Bayushi Menonai publicly denounces the Shogun in Imperial Court.

Ide Batarr and Doji Mifune meet to discuss trade. During the meeting Mifune tries to kill Batarr who quickly summons his guards. Mifune escapes however by sprouting wings and flying out the window. Batarr informs the Imperial court that the Emerald Champion is a Maho-tsukai.

Despite his boasting, the troops at the Shinomen Tower fail to hold it against the Unicorn. After reclaiming their territory they ride south and bring the war to the Sorpion. Within a few months the Sorpion surrender to the superior forces of the Unicorn.

1133 – After losing Ryoko Owari Toshi to the Unicorn during the Autumn war the Scorpion finally take the city back from their oppressors the day after the Shogun declares Martial Law.

Unicorn Clan History

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