Phoenix Clan History

1126 – The Soul of Shiba passes to Shiba Yona

1127 – Disputes between the Asako and the Isawa close down diplomatic relations with those outside the Clan.

1128 – Maho Tsukai make themselves known throughout the Northern Territories. The Asako Inquisitors redouble their efforts to purge the blasphemous cult.

1129 – Mantis ships raid the Phoenix coastal Territories. The best efforts of the Shiba to drive them off are thwarted.

More Maho Tsukai appear all over the Empire. Many blame the Crab but the Elemental Masters believe something else may be behind it. They retire to Kyuden Isawa and put the castle under Quarantine. They begin a “Great Undertaking” they only claim that it will solve the problem without giving any details as to what it entails. Shiba Yona takes control of the Clan in their absence.

1130 – Without the Elemental Masters here to protest the Emperor appoints a Jade Champion and names Tamori Kashikoi of the Dragon.

1132 – The Jade Champion sends her representative , Tamori Shuryuden to investigate the Maho incursion into Phoenix Territory. Shuryuden steals an artefact from the Shrine of the Ki-Rin. The Asako send an army to retrieve it. No blood is spilled but tensions between the Dragon and Phoenix mount.

A bizarre set of murders all in the same fashion, kills many of the political leaders of the Phoenix. Each of the victims ihas Maho paraphernalia amongst their belongings. The Serial Killer is never caught but there no further Maho occurrences within Phoenix Territory.

Phoenix Clan History

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