Mantis Clan History

1120 – Yoritomo Narazumono becomes Mantis Clan Champion.

1129 – A ship is sighted off the Mantis coast. Narazumono sends out a ship to investigate but Gaijin cannons sink the lone ship. The intruder reaches the shore and an army of undead bursts from the hull. The Yoritomo army puts the dead sailors down for good. But they are left wondering how this could have happened.

Narazumono sends his daughter Yoritomo Echiko soith wuth a fleet of ships to see how the undead could have slipped past the Crab. They find the Crab truly struggling with the attacks from the Shadowlands. The Fleet secures the sea of shadows and Echiko meets with the Crab to formalise an alliance.

The Mantis start raiding the coast to help resupply the Crab.

Mantis Clan History

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