Lets again Start off with our Daidoji warrior. I’m not going to list every Kata as that would take forever i’m going to focus on kata that would help a Spears build and a Bodyguard Build. Remember not only must you meet the requirements to learn the Kata you must also pay that value in XP, so an Air 3 Kata requires you to Pay 3 xp to buy it.

It takes a Simple Action to Activate a Kata and you can only ever have 1 active at a time. However if you can see a fight coming you can Activate a Kata ahead of time.

Iron Forest Style Core Rulebook P260
Requires Air 4
While using a Spear or Polearm you may use your Air Ring in place of your Agility for Attack Rolls

Iron In The Mountains Style Core P260
Requires Earth 3
You May Use your Earth Ring in place of your Air Ring when in Defence Stance

Strength Of Purity Style Core P260
Requires Void 5 (also available to Akodo and Utaku at Void 4)
Once per turn when rolling damage you may roll a number of dice equal to your Honour Rank in place of your Strength Plus Weapon DR. You still keep the Same number of Dice as indicated by your weapon DR (So a Katana would Roll Honour Keep 2)

Strength Of The Crane Great Clans P74
Requires Air 3
When Fighting with a sword or a spear you may add an amount equal to your Honour -3 to your Armour TN

Lee Of The Stone Book Of Earth P195
Earth 4
When in the Defence or Full Defence Stance you may add your Earth Ring to your Armour TN in addition to any other bonuses from your Stance.

Strength of Purity Style See Above
Void 4

Strength Of The Lion Great Clans P140
Water 3
Once per Round during the Reactions stage you may add +3 to The Initiative Score of an Ally. This stacks but the effect ends when the Kata is no longer Active.

North Wind Style Book Of Air P175
Air 4 (anyone can take this Kata)
You may add your Air Ring to your Attack rolls whenever you Raise for Increased Damage.

South Wind Style Book of Air P175
Air 4 (anyone can take this Kata)
You may add your Air Ring to your Attack rolls whenever you Raise for Knockdown or Called Shots.

Waves upon the Breakers Book of Water P177
Water 3 (Daidoji and Utaku can take this at Water 4)
If you are wielding a Weapon with which you have at least 3 skill ranks, your Damage rolls with that weapon are increased by +1k0

Strength of Purity Style see Above

Strength of The Unicorn Great Clans P260
Water 3
When Mounted your Steed gains a bonus of +3 to its Armour TN and to Its Reduction.

The Empire Rests on its Edge Book of Fire P179
Air 3 or Fire 3 (Anyone can take this Kata)
Special: Only works with a Katana or Daisho
Choose 1 High Skill when you learn this Kata. Each Skill rank of that High Skill cost +2 XP. While the Kata os active you may Add your Rank in your Chosen High Skill as a bonus to the total roll of all of your Kenjutsu or Iaijustu skill rolls.

The World is Empty Book of Fire P180
Air 4 or Fire 4 (Anyone may take this Kata)
When this Kata is Active you gain a bonus of +Xk0 to your Kenjutsu or Iajutsu attack rolls, where X is the total Number of Void Points you currently Have. The effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to X and when it wears off you lose a Void Point.


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