Imperial Missives Part 2

Imperial Missives

8, Crane forces from Kyuden Kakita tried to retake Toshi Ranbo. They were turned back by the Matsu forces, who then retaliated with a major offensive against Kyuden Kakita. Kyuden Kakita has fallen and been devastated by the Matsu attack.

9, Moto and Daidoji forces have taken Toshi Ranbo. The Matsu forces were overwhelmed by the joint army. The Unicorn forces survived the battle unscathed but the Crane suffered heavy losses.

10, The Emerald Champion and the Jade Champion have left the capital under suspicious circumstances. While foul play is not being ruled out at this time the Imperial Council only wants information on their whereabouts.

11, The war between the Lion and the Unicorn/Crane alliance heats up. While the Matsu are unable to retake Toshi Ranbo they continue their campaign through Crane territory gutting the land as the go, burning crops and destroying every village they encounter. They are moving towards Kyuden Doji.

12, The Phoenix send forces to Toshi Ranbo officially joining forces with the Crane and Unicorn troops present.

13, Unicorn forces have been spotted gathering on the border of Dragon territory. Presumably as a prelude to invasion.

14, The Shogun recently survived an assassination attempt. A girl disguised as Princess Banme was apprehended during an attempt to kill the Shogun. She had a poison tipped blade. Her identity has not been determined even after hours of torture.

15, The Imperial Council is sad to announce the death of Otomo Banme. The realm will hold a period of mourning for the Princess. Her funeral is set for tomorrow.

16, The Shogun has declared a state of peace and ordered all of the clans to put down their swords. But the Unicorn forces have crossed the border to attack the Dragon led by the treacherous Battle Maidens. The Forces of the Matsu have disobeyed his order to stand down. They are continuing their campaign against the Crane.

17, The Dragon and the Lion are causing untold havoc in their military campaigns, the Unicorn, Phoenix, and Crane are hard pressed to stop them.

18, Mantis piracy is seriously hampering the war efforts of those clans loyal to the Shogun. In order to prevent the Empire descending into civil war the Shogun has deployed the Imperial Legions along the northern clan borders in an effort to enforce peace.

Imperial Missives Part 2

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