Dragon Clan History

1130 – The Emperor invites the Dragon Clan Champion to Otosan Uchi. Togashi Kodakuna sends his daughter Togashi Hitomi. The slight is ignored by the Emperor and the two spend many closed sessions in discussion.

Soon after Tamori Kashikoi is appointed to the position of Jade Champion.

1132 – Tamori Shuryuden heads into Phoenix territory at the command of Tamori Kashikoi. Shuryuden has been tasked with hunting the Maho Tsukai. The Asako block his efforts insisting that they have the situation in hand.

While visiting the Shrine of the Ki-rin Shuryuden finds what he believes is the Crucible of Earth. He removes it from the Temple and runs. The Asako rightly hunt him down for the theft. The artefact is returned and upon giving his report to the Jade Champion she orders him to commit Seppuku. He refuses and runs away once again to become a Ronin.

Dragon Clan History

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