Utaku Namiyo

Status 7


“When the Moto learn their place we will be back, but not before” – Utaku Namiyo

The Battle Maidens are a proud group and one who take their traditions seriously. Namiyo embodies this belief totally and it is therefore no surprise that she would remove herself from the spotlight within the Unicorn in protest over the Moto’s disregard for Unicorn traditions. While the Battle Maidens are still occupying the Utaku territory within the lands of their clan they have severed all but the most essential ties with the other Unicorn families. Namiyo is willing to return to the table and talk once the Shinjo have firmly retaken the reigns of leadership, something she does not think that Odayakana is capable of. Namiyo has not considered herself for the position of Clan Champion, it would go against all of her principles to even give it a passing thought, but many of her supporters hope that she might step up if the leadership becomes vacant.


Utaku Namiyo

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