Otomo Banme

Status 9.4


“Well you see the Phoenix make them. They have this special glassblowing technique, it takes years to master. You’d think they were fragile but they aren’t. What do you mean? You asked me about the jars? Oh. I got them from the Kitchen, we are using them to catch fireflies.” – Otomo Banme

The Emperors Daughter never really got the hang of studying, she figured if it was worth learning she probably wasn’t going to hear about it from her tutors. Before her Gempukku ceremony she went missing more times than you can count, constantly throwing the palace into chaos. She always turned up though, usually in some archive reading scrolls written centuries ago. When she passed her Gempukku she wasted no time giving up her claim to the throne to support her brother. She proudly announced to the court that form now on she would be called Miya Banme, her head full of dreams that she would become an Imperial Herald and travel the length of the Empire having adventures. But that was quickly crushed when her Father corrected her and gave her the Otomo name as was traditional. In the following years she has done her duty, but the dreams of adventure are still there waiting for the chance to be realised.


Otomo Banme

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