Matsu Yoriko

Status 7 - Status 8


“I am the Lion Clan Champion. Who here wants to stand up and dispute that? Didn’t think so” – Matsu Yoriko

With the rest of the Lion gone Yoriko has stepped into the role of the Clan Champion, and none have opposed her. She refuses to believe they are lost, she is hoping to one day see the banners on the northern horizon so that she can hand control of the clan back to Senryaku. But until then she knows the lion need to look strong or the other clans will prey on them. The Lion are no one’s prey. Yoriko looks to be out of control, overreacting to everything in mindless rage, but in truth this is a tactical move by her. With so few resources to truly protect the Clan’s territory she is hoping her terror tactics will make others pause before striking at the Lion.


Matsu Yoriko

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