Doji Mifune

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“Yes I chose to help myself. But helping myself, helped the Empire” – Doji Mifune

Doji Mifune was instrumental in arranging the alliance between the Unicorn and the Crane. He also went on to win the Emerald Championship, besting many of the most skilled duelists in the Empire to achieve the lofty position. But last autumn as the Scorpion and the Unicorn were waging their war, Doji Mifune went missing from a meeting he had with the Unicorn Ambassador Ide Batarr. Batarr claims Mifune was a Maho-tsukai and that he used blood magic to escape. While few believed the Emerald Champion was guilty of such crimes he never resurfaced to deny them, and the Emperor was forced to place the Emerald Magistrates under the guidance of Bayushi Menonai while another Emerald Championship decided on a suitable replacement.

Mifune has been declared a fugitive and a Maho user by the Jade Champion, although he is to be brought in alive to stand trial for his crimes.


Doji Mifune

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