Legend of the 5 Rings - Alt Timeline

The next 20 years


Empress Hantei Banme calls for an Emerald Championship to select a new Emerald Champion.
The Empress marries Doji Inoguchi.
Hiruma Kenji becomes the new Shogun filling the void caused by the death of Seppun Nobakazu.
Mirumoto Koken wins the Emerald Championship to become the new Emerald Champion.


Under the watchful eye of the Utaku Battlemaidens the Moto finally quit Ryoko Owari Toshi leaving peacefully as the Scorpion take back their holdings.



The Kenku sage know fondly as Pidgeon in a Kimono gathers a group of Bushi and Shugenja to mount an expedition to find the City of Night and to rescue the Hero Matsu Katsumi and the Mantis Princess Yoritomo Nassa.

















XP Track

2015/11/16 – Session 01 – 4XP
2015/11/23 – Session 02 – 4XP
2015/11/30 – Session 03 – 4XP
2015/12/07 – Session 04 – 4XP
2015/12/14 – Session 05 – 4XP
2015/12/21 – Session 06 – 12XP
2016/01/04 – Session 07 – 8XP
2016/01/11 – Session 08 – 4XP
2016/01/18 – Session 09 – 4XP
2016/01/25 – Session 10 – 4XP
2016/02/01 – Session 11 – 4XP
2016/02/08 – Session 12 – 4XP
2016/02/15 – Session 13 – 4XP
2016/02/22 – Session 14 – 4XP
2016/02/29 – Session 15 – 4XP
2016/03/14 – Session 16 – 4XP
2016/04/25 – Session 17 – 4XP
2016/05/02 – Session 18 – 4XP
2016/05/09 – Session 19 – 4XP
2016/05/23 – Session 20 – 4XP
2016/05/30 – Session 21 – 4XP
2016/06/06 – Session 22 – 4XP
2016/06/20 – Session 23 – 4XP
2016/06/27 – Session 24 – 4XP
2016/07/04 – Session 25 – 4XP
2016/07/18 – Session 26 – 4XP
2016/07/25 – Session 27 – 4XP
2016/08/01 – Session 28 – 4XP
2016/08/08 – Session 29 – 4XP
2016/08/15 – Session 30 – 4XP
2016/08/22 – Session 31 – 4XP
2016/08/29 – Session 32 – 4XP
2016/09/12 – Session 33 – 4XP
2016/09/13 – Session 34 – 4XP
2016/09/26 – Session 35 – 4XP
2016/10/10 – Session 36 – 8XP
2016/10/24 – Session 37 – 4XP
2016/11/07 – Session 38 – 4XP
2016/11/14 – Session 39 – 16XP
2016/11/21 – Session 40 – 4XP
2016/11/28 – Session 41 – 4XP
2016/12/05 – Session 42 – 4XP
2016/12/19 – Session NA – 12XP
2017/01/03 – Session 43 – 4XP
2017/01/09 – Session 44 – 4XP
2017/01/23 – Session 45 – 4XP
2017/01/30 – Session 46 – 4XP
2017/02/06 – Session 47 – 4XP
2017/02/21 – Session 48 – 4XP
2017/02/27 – Session 49 – 4XP
2017/03/06 – Session 50 – 4XP
2017/03/13 – Session 51 – 4XP

244 Total

Recent History

Marred by death and sabotage the Topaz Championship is not the joyful event it usually is this year and many question whether the Crane can still be relied upon to host it.

Unusual Shadowlands activity leads the Crab to petition the other clans for help. Hida Yoshina makes the long trip to Otosan Uchi to plea the Crab case in person. Few listen. Moto Dekinai and Doji Kyojakuna in particular take steps to block what they call “The depletion of Imperial assets. Just to compensate for Crab Laziness”

Kakita Kensaku retires from the position of Emerald Champion due to advanced age. He takes the name Intaishita and joins the Brotherhood of Shinsei choosing to spend his twilight years on the path of enlightenment.

The Yobanjin tribes raid northern provinces of the Empire, most notably the territory of the Moto. Moto Dekinai petitions the Emperor to name him Shogun and grant him the Imperial Legions to squash the Yobanjin. Akodo Senryaku protests and demands he be named Shogun instead. The Emperor chastises them both for squabbling and refuses to put the Empire on a war footing by naming a Shogun during a period with no Emerald Champion.

A Maho-Tsukai attempts to murder the Imperial Chancellor Otomo Kokatsuna. He is Thwarted by Seppun Tekina, who has certainly gained the attention of the Emperor and his uncle Seppun Nobakazu the Seppun Daimyo.

The Yobanjin keep harassing the Moto, and then make their biggest mistake by invading the northern Lion territories. Dekinai and Senryaku make another plea for the Emperor to do something. The Emperor still refuses to name either of them Shogun but he does release Shori the Ancestral Sword of the Lion silently giving Senryaku permission to do something about the Yobanjin. He begins gathering an army.

A ship full of undead sailors lands on Mantis shores. They repel the skeletal army at great cost. When they sail south, to take umbrage with the Crab for letting the ship through, they see the true conditions of the Crab forces and realise they should have paid attention in court when the Crab first asked for help. Yoritomo Narazumono agrees to defend Rokugan from the Sea of Shadows. The Crab Mantis alliance is born.

More Maho Tsukai appear around the Empire. Many blame the Crab for failing in their duty. The Elemental Masters however suspect something else. They inform the Emperor they may have a solution to the Maho problem and retire to Kyuden Isawa to work in secret.

Togashi Hitomi daughter of Togashi Kodakuna meets with the Emperor, soon after the Emperor appoints Tamori Kashikoi to the position of Jade Champion.

Bayushi Menonai meets with the Emperor and soon after an official Alliance between the Seppun and the Scorpion is announced.

Moto Dekinai meets with the Emperor and is then named the new Shogun of Rokugan.

The Emperor appoints Seppun Tekina as the new head of the Imperial House Guard. Seppun Nobakazu soon steps down as Daimyo and appoints his nephew in his place.

Seppun Nobakazu takes the 3rd Emerald Legion and adds it to Akodo Senryaku’s forces they then head into Yobanjin territory.

The Crane waste no time and annex Toshi Ranbo as soon as the Lion leave it. The Unicorn also move in on lion Territory in their absence.

Ide Batarr and Doji Mifune formalise an alliance between the Unicorn and the Crane.

The Crab retake Shiro Hiruma from the Shadowlands with a force led by Kuni Kersotan. The Unicorn and the Crane point to this as proof that the Crab don’t really need any help from the Empire.

Bayushi Menanai publicly denounces Moto Dekinai as Shogun and the Scorpion declare war on the Unicorn. This comes after Dekinai demands an explanation for the Scorpion’s unprovoked attack on Shinnomen Tower.

Doji Mifune ascends to become the Emerald Champion.

Matsu Yoriko leads 50,000 samurai to retake Toshi Ranbo. The Crane and the Unicorn defend the city but are decimated by the sheer numbers of the Lion. Every Crane in the city is slaughtered their bodies burned on a mass pyre. The Unicorn survivors are allowed to return to their territory along with their dead.

Doji Mifune goes missing after a meeting with Ide Bataar. The Unicorn claim he was a Maho Tsukai. Only Batarr truly knows what happened. Mifune has not reappeared since.

After several months of fighting the Scorpion officially surrender to the Unicorn ending the war.

After investigating a Maho incursion in Phoenix territory Tamori Shuryuden returns home only to be followed by an Army under the Asako banner. Diplomacy wins out however and the Dragon and Phoenix do not go to war.

Maho Tsukai keep popping up all over the Empire but then suddenly they stop. There are a bizarre set of murders at the same time and many of the victims are Phoenix who had Maho Paraphernalia stashed away.

Seppun Tekina Fosters his Daughter Kiyo with the Scorpion.

Togashi Mako rises to become the new Emerald Champion.

The Emperor declares war on the shadowlands and orders the Imperial Legions ready for a major offensive in the coming spring. Expecting to lead the army Moto Dekinai undertakes the Emperor’s orders right away, however the Emperor declares that he will lead the Legion personally.

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