Where is everything?

Welcome to the wiki for my L5R campaign set in an alternate reality divorced from the Canon of the main storyline of Rokugan. I have decided to take this route and build a unique version of the world so that my players can freely read up on the L5R setting in other places on the internet without ruining the plot I have planned for them.

In the Adventure Log you will find a recent timeline of major events in the setting. It does not cover everything that has happened only those events that have filtered their way into the gossip of the courts.

In the Characters section you will find a list of the most important men and women in Rokugan. At the moment only their names and the clan they belong to are listed but as I get the chance I will update their character bios with a few lines of description.

In the Wiki section you will find more detailed information on what each of the clans has been up to recently as well as a copy of the Emerald Magistrates Charter detailing the rights and privileges your characters will enjoy when the game starts. There will be other wiki entries as well that relate to important events and information that you should know about.

Legend of the 5 Rings - Alt Timeline

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